PWN Global Webinar: Growing Through Challenges

15 September 2022 13:00 CEST - 14:00 CEST WEBINAR

Life will keep sending you challenges, and trigger stress and emotions; but we are not doomed to suffer when we develop our capacity to grow through these challenging experiences. Be it a difficult relationship at home or at work, sudden changes in our organisation, or any other (even small) moments of friction between your goals and reality, we can learn not only to cope but also to manage better next time.

Using a short, practical and 'easily-reproducible-on-your-own' exercise of guided introspection, Stéphanie will help you develop critical skills of questioning and reviewing your challenging and emotional experiences in order to grow from them.

Using her experience as a coach, as well as her high sensitivity and expertise about emotions, Stéphanie likes to change your view about emotions so you can feel empowered by them and not suffer negative consequences from them. She often says “befriend your emotions”. At the same time, she understands how our mind works and how our cultures have imprinted many negative programming especially in the work context. So she shares this guided introspection to get you to walk the next few steps in your development, feel kinder to yourself and empowered with authenticity.

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  • Dr Stephanie Mitrano-Méda,
    Co-Founder Innovation Co-Pilots VIEW PROFILE

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