PWN Frankfurt - Self-confidence: Get it, feel it, use it

28 October 2020 19:30 CET - 21:00 CET Zoom

Confidence is an attractive and necessary quality to succeed in business, relationships, and life. But, it is a subjective and, sometimes, misunderstood characteristic. From the painfully shy to the arrogantly over-confident, have you ever wondered what makes people think and feel the way they do? Why do they have the self-image that they have?

In this workshop, our pro trainer Rob Thompson lays the groundwork for understanding how to become more confident and comfortable with personal assertiveness. This workshop won’t tell you how to cope with low self-confidence. This workshop will show you how to actually change your confidence. 

Appropriate confidence and assertiveness are conditions for success in almost every area of life. They determine what you dare to attempt, the strategies and tools you put in action and how others respond. And that can mean the difference between success and failure.

What makes this training different, is that you will not be blasted with temporary fixes like “do a power pose in the bathroom before entering a job interview”. Rob’s science-based approach focuses on building a solid foundation and shows you how to achieve lasting change in your confidence levels.

Self-confidence: Get it, feel it, use it.

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  • Mr Rob Thompson
    Soft Skills Coach RTTA – soft skills for real results. VIEW PROFILE

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