PWN Global Webinar: Starting Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

15 November 2018 13:00 CET - 14:00 CET WEBINAR

When faced with the challenging task of broaching a sensitive subject at work, most people feel condemned to make a choice – either cut to the chase and be direct, but appear brutal and abrupt; or tiptoe around the subject through fear of upsetting or offending the other person.  Either carries risk for the professional relationship. 

This webinar on Starting a difficult conversation in the workplace will address announcing a difficult subject in a way which will give you the best chance of both maintaining the relationship and building a solution for the future. 

It will also look at how to react to difficult news in a way which will allow you to remain calm, think fast and give you the best chance of turning the situation around.

This forms an introduction to a broader approach for dealing with others in a way that remains true and authentic to you, while improving your relationships and generating more concrete results from conversations and interactions in the workplace.

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