What is the Professional Women’s Network?

PWN is a vibrant and dynamic global federation of more than 24 professional networks which has its founding roots in Europe. Our common objective across cities is to provide women with the tools, networks and support resources they need to assume leadership positions. We aim to share knowledge across our networks, and are participating in several Europe-wide, US and global initiatives. We combine a sophisticated online networking platform, linking thousands business women and men to our communities, social media links and to our on the ground programs and events – more than 600 per year.

We believe that in a united approach to advancing the way we work Together – Women and Men. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate, co-promote and co-create so we achieve our mutual objectives with more ease and speed.

For Women: we provide a cross-sectoral networking and training platform for professional women with more than 7 years of experience and an international outlook.

For Companies: we provide a network for their high-potential managers and a unique source of best practice across cultures.

For Internal and other Networks: we provide a highly sophisticated online platform that removes a considerable amount of the back office administrative functions that take up so much volunteer energy in many associations. Member networks have access to: full member directory, online event calendars and registration, management of new member applications, online payment for membership and events.