Our breakfast Event at Siesmayer Café


Srita Heide was our guest speaker at the July breakfast at Siesmayer Cafe. She narrated her life and professional journey from Calcutta to Frankfurt and from being successfully employed into setting up her own company in consulting on Indian-German business relations.

Setting up a clear goal, articulating it in one simple sentence as well as planning for the next steps have been an important framework for her to build on. Among the challenges she faced were expecting and dealing with rejections (and learning from them early on) as well as not accepting unsuitable clients despite the need for the order, especially in the beginnings.

Srita has now built up a well functioning company and is active as a business angel as well as in charity AND she is an MP. Chapeau!

A big THANK YOU to Srita for your wonderfully motivational speech!

And to our members – we hope you enjoyed July’s breakfast and we look forward to seeing you soon again,

For PWN Frankfurt Board

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